1. Custom tile work
    Custom tile work
    This customer requested a niche in her new shower.
  2. Nora flooring
    Nora flooring
    This Nora flooring was installed in an operating room in a local hospital.
  3. Commercial vinyl
    Commercial vinyl
    This commercial vinyl is heat welded and was installed in a health care facility.
  4. Luxury vinyl plank
    Luxury vinyl plank
    LVT provides a cost effective alternative to laminate or hardwood.
  5. Rubber Flooring
    Rubber Flooring
    This rubber floor was installed in a commercial building.
  6. Carpet
    Residential carpet in a new home.
  7. Air Force emblem
    Air Force emblem
    This emblem is made from various colored VCT cut into pieces and then assembled on site.
  8. Carpet tiles
    Carpet tiles
    Furnished carpet tiles put in a pattern in a commercial building.
  9. Nora Sentica flooring
    Nora Sentica flooring
    This is a rubber floor product put into one of the remodeled buildings at the VA.
  10. Subfloor work
    Subfloor work
    Fixing the subfloor of a customer's home so that when his vinyl plank was installed, floor met manufacturer's tolerances for installation.
  11. Self leveling pour
    Self leveling pour
    Pumping self leveler to a depth of 1" on a commercial job.
  12. Luxury vinyl plank
    Luxury vinyl plank
    Installed in the lobby of the Community Living Center
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